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John Adamthwaite, school master of Bowes, died 1817

John Adamthwaite was the schoolmaster who ran the Academy in Bowes with his wife Margaret Hunter (who continued to run it for some years following John’s death).  He died in Bowes in 1817 at the age of 41 years,  and his grave records that he was ‘a native of Adamthwaite’.  However, we have not found any record of his birth in around 1776 in Ravenstonedale or elsewhere.


Although they are not named in this will, John and Margaret Adamthwaite had the following children:

  • Jane Adamthwaite, chr in Bowes in 1805 and married in 1831 to Johnson Lambert (who spent all her inheritance!)

  • William Adamthwaite, chr in Bowes in 1806 – he was a surgeon in Weardale, he never married and died in unfortunate circumstances in 1851 after falling off his horse whilst drunk.

  • John Hunter Adamthwaite, chr in Bowes in 1811 – he was a chemist and married in 1835 to Sarah Guy


This is the last Will and Testament of me John Adamthwaite of Bowes in the County of York schoolmaster.


I give and bequeath unto my wife Margaret Adamthwaite all and singular my household goods plate linen china furniture and utensils whatsoever in and belonging to my dwelling house to and for her own use and benefit.


I give and bequeath all and every my personal estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever and of what nature or kind soever (subject nevertheless to the payment of my just debts funeral and testamentary expences) unto John Chapman of Headlam in the County of Durham schoolmaster Richard Lamb of Barnard Castle in the County of Durham surgeon and Richard Wilson of Bowes aforesaid clerk and the survivors and survivor of them and the Executors and Administrators of such survivor Upon Trust with all convenient speed to sell dispose of collect and get in the same and place out and invest the same in or upon any of the Parliamentary Stocks or Funds of Great Britain or on real securities in England at Interest and do and shall vary alter or transpose such Stocks Funds or securities in England at Interest and do and shall vary alter or transpose such Stocks Funds or Securities for others of the like nature when and so often as it shall seem expedient and do and shall pay the Interest and Dividends of the said Stock Funds and Securities as the same shall come in and be receved unto my said wife Margaret Adamthwaite for and during the term of her natural life in case she shall so long continue my widow but not longer or otherwise and from and immediately after the decease of my said wife or in the event of her marrying again Upon Trust that they the said Trustees or Trustee for the time being do and shall pay or transfer all such principal monies stocks funds and securities unto all and every the child or children lawfully begotten I many leave at the time of my decease or born in due time afterwards equally to be divided between or amongst them share and share alike the same to become vested in her him or them respectively on their respectively attaining the age of twenty one years and to be paid or transferred at such time or times as aforesaid to such of the said children as shall arrive at or attain the same after the decease or marriage of my said wife but as to such of them as shall arrive at or attain the same in the lifetime of my said wife or before her second marriage the payment or transfer of his her or their share or shares to be postponed till after her decease or marriage as aforesaid provided always.


And I do hereby declare my will to be that if any such child or children shall depart this life before he she or they respectively attain the age of twenty one years then the share or shares of him her or them so dying shall go and accrue to the survivors or survivors or others o other of such children and be eually divided amongst them if more than one share and share alike and the same shall become vested and payable or transferrable at such ages days and times as his her or their original portion and portions are hereby directed to become vested and payable or transferrable as aforesaid.


And in case of the death of any other of the said children before such accruing or surviving share or shares shall become vested as aforesaid then every such accruing or surviving part or share shall again be subject and likable to such right chance contingency or condition of all thereto and amongst the survivors or survivor and others or other of the said children as hereinbefore is provided touching the said original portion or portions.


And upon further trust that the said trustees of trustee for the time being do and shall after the decease of my said wife or her second marriage as aforesaid pay and apply the dividends or interest of the share or shares of such of the said children as shall not have acquired a vested interest in the portion or portions hereinbefore provised of intended for him her or them respectively for and towards his her and their maintenance and education respectively until the same respectively shall become payable provided and my Will is that if the said John Chapman Richard Lamb and Richard Wilson or any of them or any of their Executors or Administrators or any future Trustee to be appointed in the stead or place of them or any of them as hereinafter is mentioned shall die or desire to be discharged from or refuse or become incapable to act in the Trusts hereby in them reposed as before such trusts shall be fully performed then and so often as the same shall happen it shall and may be lawful to and for the surviving and continuing trustees or trustee his Executors or Administrators by any writing or writings under their or his hands and seals or hand and seal to nominate substitute or appoint any other person or persons to be trustee or trustees in the place of the trustee or trustees so dying or desiring to be discharged or refusing or becoming incapable to act as aforesaid


And that when and so often as any Trustee or Trustees shall be appointed as aforesaid the said Trust Estates Monies and premises shall be thereupon with all convenient speed assigned and transferred in such manner as that the same may be effectually vested in such new or other trustee or trustees only or jointly with the continuing trustee or trustees as the case shall require … continues in much the same vein for another page


I constitute and appoint y said wife Margaret Adamthwaite the said John chapman Richard Lamb and Richard Wilson Executors and Executrix of this my last Will and Testament


And lastly I hereby revoke all former wills.


In witness whereof I have to this my last Will and Testament contained in this and the three preceding sheets of paper set my hand and seal that is to say my hand to the three preceding sheets my hand and seal to this last sheet the twenty second day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen.


Signed sealed published and declared by the said John Adamthwaite as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who at his request and his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses.  

                                                                                 John Adamthwaite


George Goston

William Hobson

John Clarke



Margaret Adamthwaite, John Chapman, Richard Lamb and Richard Wilson the Executors were hereby sworn to administer the goods chattels and credits of the within named John Adamthwaite deceased and that at the time of his decease his personal estate and effects did not amount to the sum of Three thousand pounds.

Before me on the 29th of March 1818


John Headlam, Surrogate