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GREY line DNA information

Background information on this line – see chart showing y-DNA carriers for this line


William ADAMTHWAITE and Jane DEVIS had seven children, but only one of their two sons produced a male son: John ADAMTHWAITE who married Sarah STEEL, is known to have produced male descendants


Known branches with living descendants:

The following four sons of John ADAMTHWAITE and Sarah STEEL are known to have married and had children:


GREY line 1 - John ADAMTHWAITE (b 1819) married first to Betty HOPES.  They had just one son John, who married Jane TUNSTALL – they had three daughters and one son, John Henry ADAMTHWAITE, who married Miriam FEVVYER, but all their children were female.


John ADAMTHWAITE’s second marriage was to Jane ALLISON.  They had one son William, who married Isabella RAY, but both their children were female.


So there are no known male Adamthwaite descendants from this line.


GREY line 2 - Thomas ADAMTHWAITE (b1820) married Elizabeth NEWBOLD.  Their son Joseph Newbold ADAMTHWAITE married Annie ORD, and they had just one son – Thomas ADAMTHWAITE who married Mary ARMSTRONG.  Their only son Joseph Armstrong ADAMTHWAITE married Edith TAPPENDEN – they had four sons, and the whole family emigrated to Australia in 1961.  We are awaiting test results from a representative for this line. We have now received test results for a volunteer from this line.


GREY line 3 - Michael ADAMTHWAITE (b.1826) married Frances DOBINSON and they had two sons:

  • GREY line 3a - John (Jack) ADAMTHWAITE married Agnes Creighton – they had three sons and we believe here may be one living descendant from this line

  • GREY line 3b - Joseph Richard ADAMTHWAITE married Lizzie Wakelyn.  Their family emigrated to Canada in 1905 and they have a number of living male Adamthwaite descendants currently living in Canada.  We have received test results for a representative from this line.


GREY line 4 - William ADAMTHWAITE (1836-1869) is not known to have married, so we believe there are no living descendants from this line.


RESULTS - this was our first successful match!

Our two test results - one from line 2 and one from line 3 of the GREY line of Adamthwaites - match in 36 out of 37 markers.  This demonstrates that our reconstruction of these lines of the GREY line of Adamthwaites is accurate.  



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