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"The website IS the one-name study!"



Have you been helped by the information on this site?  If you would like to contribute to the cost of our DNA project, just £10 would help towards the cost of DNA kits!

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If you are viewing this site on an iPad, you may experience problems with page layout - overlapping blocks of text, etc.  


This is a fairly recent issue, first noticed 1st November 2019, which only seems to affect websites built with Moonfruit's Sitemaker (as mine are!)  Until Apple resolve this issue, you may need to use a pc ...


There is also a more recent problem with viewing pdf files.  Previously these opened in a new window so you could move between the main page and the spreadsheet, regardless of the device you were using.  Now if you are using a tablet or mobile, you may get a request asking you if you wish to download the file.  Click yes and you should see a 'down arrow' flashing top right of your screen which will lead to the pdf.  You will have to SAVE the file if you wish to refer to it again.  Users of PCs should continue to see the pdf in a new window.


If you discover any more problems in viewing pages on this website, please let me know using the contact details shown on the left.