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BLUE line DNA information

Background information on this line – see chart showing y-DNA carriers for this line


Although William Adamthwaite (born about 1744) and Hannah Whitesmith had seven children, as far as we are aware only

  • William (1800-1844) who married Eleanor Robertson

  • Edward (1804-1875) who married Eliza Hassell


produced any male descendants, and all of Edward and Eliza’s children died in childhood.


Only two of William and Eleanor’s sons are known to have had children:

  • Alfred Andrew Adamthwaite (1834-1928) and Honora Field (1836-1867) only had one son, who as far as we are aware, never married or had children

  • John Jonathan Adamthwaite (1832-1900) and Jane Abley (1832-1880) had ten children, and of these, two sons went on to produce families which are known to have living male descendants


Known branches with living descendants


BLUE line 1


John William Adamthwaite (1851-1906) and Esther Fletcher (1877-?)  Their son John William Henry Adamthwaite (1879-1940) had three grandsons who produced known male living descendants



BLUE line 2


Alexander Adamthwaite (1866-1942) and Clara Courtney (1869-1917) are known to have grandchildren and great grandchildren



Other possible descendants


Although we are confident that we have extracted all the Adamthwaite births, marriages and deaths from the GRO index and allocated more than 95% of those events dated between 1837 and 1950, there could be other living male descendants in any of the lines – particularly if any early male had changed his name from Adamthwaite for some reason or emigrated (our recent BMDs from Australia/NZ and US/Canada are known to be incomplete).  In the case of the BLUE line, this is particularly likely, because some individuals are known to have regularly changed the name by which they were known and also to have 'given away' several children to relatives.  If you know of any further descendants through the male line, please contact us.


I am very pleased to report that we have recently received offers from descendants from BOTH of the Blue line of Adamthwaites.  The first set of results arrived back in February 2013, and confirmed that there is a match with our set of results for the YELLOW line.  However the second set of results do not match the first set ... we have now established that this is because our tester's ancestor was in fact the child of his mother's first marriage - when she remarried an Adamthwaite her son's name was changed to Adamthwaite but none of his descendants knew anything about it.  DNA can reveal a lot of surprises!