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photos from around Quambatook

photos 1 - 7 Many of these photographs date from 1932 and came from an old album belonging to Elizabeth and some appear in the Centenary Record of Quambatook which is reproduced in the Miscellany section

1.  the Adamthwaite homestead during the flood of 1909

2.  Quambatook Post Office

3.  Agricultural Exhibit (see story about Quambatook)

4.  Joseph Adamthwaite's voting certificate, 1899

5.  Fred and Edmund Adamthwaite

6.  Quambatook harvest

7.  building the haystack at Quambatook


photo 8  shows Alf Adamthwaite riding one of his cows - you can read Gez's recollections of Alf here


photo 9 shows the gravestone for Edmund and Johanna Adamthwaite and two of their children, Albert and May, who died in infancy.  Their grave is at Beaufort Cemetery - photo with kind permission of Carol at 'Australian Cemeteries'


photo 10 is another photo from Elizabeth's album and shows the Harvest Festival at the CoE Church in Quambatook


photo 11 is of Alf with 'his team'


photo 12 shows Arthur's house in Swan Hill