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An Adamthwaite Anthology

For some reason, there were a surprising number of poems written about and by Adamthwaites.  This page aims to reproduce those I have found to date.

The first poem (right) was written by a Robert LAMB of Bowes in 1809, and was the subject of a court case brought by John ADAMTHWAITE, schoolmaster of Bowes.  Ref QSB 1809 2/6/10


A second case followed in the same session, regarding the poem below, written by William BELL of Bowes in 1809

Ref QSB 1809 2/6/11


(Source: North Riding of Yorkshire Quarter Sessions)

by Robert Lamb 1809 poem to Edwin

The poem on the left was published in 'Poems' by Jarvis William CLOSE, published in 1927 and is written for Edwin Adamthwaite (1818-1891), son of Rev William and Sarah (Flower) of the Teal line. Note: Jarvis Close and Edwin were both described as 'lunatic patients' at St Cuthbert's Asylum in Carlisle in the 1891 census.


Jarvis was a son of Poet Close who at one time lived in Winton, which is the small village near Kirby Stephen where Edwin's family lived - you can read more about Poet Close on this website

Below is a poem entitled 'Ode to a Hat' written by Thomas Moore (1779-1852) **The verse in bold type refers to Rev Dr John Adamthwaite (1783-1839) of the Teal line. This poem relates to the newspaper reports of his performance at the Westmorland elections of 1826, when he was mocked by the crowd for transferring his allegiance back and forth between Mr Brougham and Lord Lowther [As reported in the Times of London dated 4 July 1826]

ode to a hat by William Bell 1809

The above poems, both of which relate to Mr John Adamthwaite (~1776-1817) of the Light Green line, suggest that neither Schoolmaster John nor his wife, Margaret Hunter, were particularly popular amongst the people of Bowes!  Sadly, I have not yet discovered the outcome of these cases!

The next two extracts were penned by another Reverend Dr John ADAMTHWAITE (1745-1819) of Baddesley Ensor, son of William of Branthwaites and Deborah (Allen) of the ORANGE line.

Coincidentally, although we believe the pair were unrelated, Rev John senior was the tutor and patron of Rev John junior, who was mocked in the poem above.  

Rev John senior published reams of poetry and sermons, the following extracts provide just a flavour of his output!

Selected verses from 'Elegy' by Rev J Adamthwaite, published in 'Select Poetry, Ancient and Modern', Gentleman's Magazine, September 1791, pp 854-855:

The lines below are from 'Verses' addressed to the Rt Revd Lord Bishop of Landaff, in relation to 'his Lordship's pamphlet in favour of a more equal endowment of the church livings and for the parochial clergy ...' (published in the May 1787 issue of the Gentleman's Magazine) note: this is just a small section of his 'Verses', which appear on pp 439-440

verses by Rev J May 1787 Elegy extract 1791

In addition to the verses shown above, the surname ADAMTHWAITE appeared in a Victorian dramatic serial called "Sweet Gillian: a Tale of the Beginning of the Century", which was reprinted in chapters in the Tuapeka Times in 1887 and also the Clutha Leader in 1892 (source 'Papers Past', the NZ editions are available at  An extract from the bodice-ripping tale, featuring the hero 'Colonel Adamthwaite of His Majesty's Service' is shown below:

Sweet Gillian pt1 sweet Gillian 2a sweet Gillian 2b

Many romantic novels such as these were published in instalments, and readers would have waited with great anticipation for each weekly episode to appear in print.  


Victorian Fiction Research Guides (Chambers) suggests the author of this work was a Frank Abell.  If you feel inclined to read the entire story, Visit the Papers Past NZ website (link above) where you will find


  • Chapters 1 and 2 published in the 'Clutha Leader' on 16 Sep 1892*

  • Chapters 3 and 4 published in the 'Tuapeka Times' on 6 August on 6 Aug 1887

  • Chapter 5 conclusion published in the 'Tuapeka Times' on 13 Aug 1887


*Chapter 1 of the story first appeared in the Tuapeka Times on 30 July 1887, but I did not find Chapter 2 in that publication - which is why I have provided the details of the subsequent publication of the two earlier chapters in the Clutha Leader.